Jovan Memedović

Jovan Memedović / Јован Мемедовић (Belgrade, May 28, 1960) is a Serbian journalist and TV host.

Jovan has graduated at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Belgrade in 1985. He first started working as a journalist in the informative redaction of the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (RTS), and since 1992 as a sport journalist and commentator. Memedović is the author of the show "Свет лова и риболова" (Svet lova i ribolova; The world of hunting and fishing) and the cult show "Сасвим природно" (Sasvim prirodno; Completely natural), which is about survival in nature and traveling around Serbia and the world. Journalists' Association of Serbia awarded him a Laza Kostić award in 2007 for the best reportage. He is currently the host of the Serbian version of the quiz show "The Chase" (Serbian: Потера) on RTS.

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Dubbing year Movie/series Character(s)
2016 Finding Dory Himself (instead of Sigourney Weaver)


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