Jelena Stojiljković

Jelena Stojiljković / Јелена Стојиљковић (Niš, August 25, 1981) is a Serbian theater and voice actress. She was also the dub director of Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip.

Jelena has graduated acting at the Priština university in 2005, in professor Jovica Pavić's class. She plays in various theaters in Belgrade, but mainly in "Čarapa". Jelena is one of the founders of "MUDRA teatar", which is all about contemporary dancing and she is also a member of groups "ERGstatus" and "Hajde da", where she works on inclusion of disabled people and war veterans into the theater. She is married to Cheles Rhynes and has moved to Austin, Texas in 2016, where she currently lives.

Dubbing studios

Voice roles


Dubbing year Movie/series Character(s)
2008 Adventures of the Gummi Bears Cubbi Gummi, Calla, Trina
2008 Darkwing Duck Gosalyn Mallard
2008 Dumbo (TV dub) Mrs. Jumbo, Giddy, Catty
2008 Monsters, Inc. (TV dub) Celia, Roz
2008 Tarzan (TV dub) Young Tarzan
2009 Finding Nemo (TV dub) Dory, Coral, Darla, Pearl
2009 Goof Troop Peg
2009 Hercules (TV dub) Terpsichore, Clotho, Heavyset Lady
2009 Jungle Cubs Hathi, Mahra
2009 Mulan (TV dub) Fa Li, The Matchmaker
2009 Mulan 2 (TV dub) Fa Li, Mei, The Matchmaker, Sha-Ron
2009 Pocahontas (TV dub) Grandmother Willow
2009 Tinker Bell (TV dub) Vidia, Minister of Summer, Wendy
2009 Toy Story (TV dub) Mrs. Davis, Hannah
2010 Home on the Range (TV dub) Mrs. Caloway, Pearl Gesner, Audrey, Annie, Piggy
2010 My Friends Tigger & Pooh Kanga, Lumpy
2010 Toy Story 2 Jessie
2010 Toy Story 3 Jessie
2011 A Goofy Movie (TV dub) Roxanne, Miss Maples, Photo Studio Girl, Waitress
2011 Lilo & Stitch (TV dub) Grand Councilwoman
2011 The Black Cauldron (TV dub) Orgoch
2011 The Hunchback of Notre Dame (TV dub) Esmeralda, Quasimodo's mother
2012 Atlantis: The Lost Empire (TV dub) Wilhelmina Packard
2012 The Lion King Nala
2012 Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings Gliss, Receptionist, Healing Fairy
2012 Wreck-It Ralph Taffyta Muttonfudge, Mary
2013 Frozen additional voices
2013 Planes Ishani
2016 Zootopia additional voices


Dubbing year Movie/series Character(s)
2011-2014 Iron Man: Armored Adventures Patricia 'Pepper' Potts / Rescue, Maria Hill
2012 Wolverine and the X-Men Polaris / Lorna Dane


Dubbing year Movie/series Character(s)
2006-2009 Bratz additional voices
2007 Bratz Babyz: The Movie Nora, Nita
2007 Bratz: Genie Magic Katia
2007 Bratz: Passion 4 Fashion - Diamondz Sharidan Jones, Tiffany
2007-2008 Winx Club (S1-3) Bloom, Chatta
2008 Bratz Fashion Pixiez Breeana
2008 Clifford the Big Red Dog (Happy) Emily Elizabeth Howard, Cleo
2008 Code Lyoko Tamiya Diop, Samantha Knight, Hiroki Ishiyama (S1-2)
2008 Dinosaur King (Happy) Ursula, Dr. Reese Drake
2008 Eon Kid Violet
2008-2014 Naruto Tsunade, Temari, Tenten, Haku
2008-2013 Peppa Pig (Loudworks) Miss Rabbit, Mummy Rabbit, Madame Gazelle (S1); Granny Pig (S1 & S3-4); Emily Elephant (S2); Suzy Sheep, Zoë Zebra, Rebecca Rabbit, Chloé Pig
2008 The Roly Mo Show Little Bo
2008 TMNT (2003) Starlee Hambrath
2008 Transformers: Armada Alexis
2009 Angela Anaconda Gina Lash, Nanette Manoir
2009-2010 Bakugan Battle Brawlers Runo Misaki, Skyress
2009 Pop Secret Loli
2009 Team Galaxy Princess Kimball, Mrs. Schragger
2009 The Land Before Time Littlefoot
2009 The Land Before Time 2: The Great Valley Adventure Littlefoot
2009 The Land Before Time 3: The Time of the Great Giving Littlefoot
2009 The Land Before Time 4: Journey Through the Mists Littlefoot
2009 The Land Before Time 5: The Mysterious Island Littlefoot
2009 The Land Before Time 6: The Secret of Saurus Rock Littlefoot
2009 The Land Before Time 7: The Stone of Cold Fire Littlefoot
2009 The Land Before Time 8: The Big Freeze Littlefoot
2009 The Land Before Time 9: Journey to Big Water Littlefoot
2009 The Land Before Time 10: The Great Longneck Migration Littlefoot
2009 The Land Before Time 11: Invasion of the Tinysauruses Littlefoot
2009 The Land Before Time 12: The Great Day of the Flyers Littlefoot
2009 The Land Before Time 13: The Wisdom of Friends Littlefoot
2009 The Land Before Time (TV series) Littlefoot
2009 The Magic School Bus (Studio) Dorothy Ann Rourke, Wanda Li
2010-2011 Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Madame Taki, Noel, Maria, Lanhua (speaking only); Yūri (speaking & singing)
2010 Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (Loudworks) Luna
2010 Храбра дружина и код Марка Пола
2011 Benjamin Blümchen Karla Kolumna
2011 Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure Aranea, Fern Arable
2011 Cosmic Quantum Ray Geecey, Olga, Contessa De Worm
2011-2015 Fireman Sam Dilys Price, Mandy Flood
2011 Franny's Feet (Studio) various characters
2011 Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks (S2) Meg, etc.
2011 Kung Fu Panda 2 Soothsayer
2011 My Giant Friend Marlene McLoon
2011 Romeo & Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss Kissy the Kissing Fish
2011 The All New Popeye Hour additional voices
2011-2015 The Garfield Show various characters
2011 Winx Club 3D: Magical Adventure Bloom, Stormy, Chatta, Tharma, Orderly #1
2012 Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu Rimu Mikogami, Kasumi Miyabe
2012 Bibi Blocksberg (Studio) Sheba, Mania Flippinger, Oma Grete, Malizia, Karla Kolumna, Aunt Amanda
2012 Dive Olly Dive! (Loudworks) Beth
2012 Famous 5: On the Case Allie Campbell
2012 Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou Rui Jōgasaki
2012 Ice Age 4: Continental Drift additional voices
2012 Keroro Gunso Keroro, Koyuki Azumaya
2012 Kirarin Revolution Ogura Erina (speaking & singing), Kirisawa Aoi (speaking), Kumoi Kasumi
2012 Rise of the Guardians additional voices
2013 A Fairly Odd Christmas Mrs. Turner
2013 Avatar: The Last Airbender Azula, Aunt Wu, Yagoda
2013 Avatar: The Legend of Korra Су Бејфонг, Бака Јин итд.
2013 Beyblade: Metal Saga Sala
2013 Big Time Rush Jordin Sparks, additional voices
2013-2016 Bubble Guppies Nonny
2013 Clifford the Big Red Dog (Loudworks) Cleo
2013 Clifford's Puppy Days Cleo
2013-2014 Dora the Explorer (Gold Digi Net) Dora
2013 Go, Diego, Go! Dora
2013 Guess How Much I Love You: The Adventures of Little Nutbrown Hare Little Nutbrown Hare, Little White Owl
2013 iCarly Marissa Benson
2013-2016 Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Mei Ling, Scorpion, Mrs. Yoon, Ming
2013 Life with Boys
2013 Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure White Wolf
2013 Lulu Zipadoo Lulu Zipadoo
2013 MÄR Heaven Loco, Candice, Rapunzel
2013-2016 PAW Patrol Farmer Yumi (some episodes)
2013 Poppy Cat (Studio) Poppy Cat
2013 Robot and Monster Globitha Krumholtz
2013 Sally Bollywood: Super Detective various characters
2013-2016 Sanjay and Craig Belle Pepper
2013 Sid the Science Kid Gabriela Cordova, Susie
2013-2015 Team Umizoomi various characters
2013-2015 The Fairly OddParents Timmy Turner, Mrs. Powers (S5-9)
2013 Thomas & Friends (Studio) various characters
2013-2016 TMNT (2012) Karai (some episodes)
2013 Totally Spies! (S6, Gold Digi Net) Shelly Junglelove
2013 Transformers: Prime (Loudworks) June Darby, Sierra
2013 Turbo Burn
2013 Victorious Holly Vega, Mrs. Lee (some episodes), Charlotte Harris
2014 A Fairly Odd Summer Timmy Turner (fairy)
2014 A Kind of Magic Mildred, etc.
2014 Henry Danger additional voices
2014 Kate & Mim-Mim Mom (S1)
2014 Lego Friends (Loudworks) Emma, Tanya
2014-2015 Lilly the Witch (S2-3) Leon (S3), Lilly's Mother, etc.
2014 Martha Speaks (S4-6) Martha Lorraine, Mariela Lorraine
2014 Mr. Peabody & Sherman
2014 Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service Lucy Selby, Lauren Taylor
2014 Pound Puppies (2010) (Studio) Rebound, Agatha McLeish
2014 Sam & Cat Jade West
2014 Sherlock Yack Hermione, Skunk, Crane, etc.
2014 Tales of Tatonka Yamni, Winyam, Cinksi, Wanbli
2014 The Fixies (Studio)
2014 The Haunted Hathaways Glenda, Blair, Judge Susan Smiley, Madame Lebeuf
2014-2016 The Thundermans Mrs. Olympia Wong, Sarah, Tara Campbell, computer (S1-2 & S3 finale)
2014-2016 Tree Fu Tom (Studio) Ariela (some episodes)
2014 What About Mimi? (Studio) Elaine Pituskin, Saffron Mortin
2015 Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip Brittany, Anna
2015 Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods Dulcia
2015-2016 Bella and the Bulldogs Charlotte Newman
2015 Fireman Sam: The Great Fire of Pontypandy Dilys Price, Mandy Flood
2015 Four and a Half Friends Ms. Janis, Ms. Stratford, Nicole
2015 Hotel Transylvania 2 Wanda
2015 Littlest Pet Shop (Blue House) Whittany Biskit, Minka Mark, Buttercream Sunday
2015 Martine Emilie, Claire
2015 Max & Ruby Louise (S1-5)
2015 Meine Freundin Conni Anna, etc.
2015 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks (Blue House) Trixie (speaking), Sunset Shimmer, Fluttershy
2015 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Friendship Games (Blue House) Sunset Shimmer, Fluttershy
2015 Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn Tanya, Mrs. Bing, Siri
2015 Oum le dauphin blanc (2015) Timeti
2015 Peppa Pig (Studio) Suzy Sheep, George Pig, Rebecca Rabbit, Miss Rabbit, Candy Cat
2015 Peppa Pig (Blue House) Suzy Sheep, Zoë Zebra, Rebecca Rabbit, Miss Rabbit, Freddy Fox
2015 Pettson och Findus - Katten och gubbens år Findus
2015 Pettson och Findus - Kattonauten Findus
2015 Pettson och Findus - Tomtemaskinen Findus
2015 Pettson och Findus - Glömligheter Findus
2015 Petz Club various characters
2015 Shopkins everybody except Slick Breadstick
2015 The Seventh Dwarf Dellamorta
2015 Transformers: Prime (Blue House)
2015-2016 Transformers: Rescue Bots (S2-3) Dani Burns, Francine "Frankie" Elma Greene
2015 Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Strongarm (S1)
2015 Waybuloo (Blue House) De Li
2016 ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks Vanessa
2016 Galactik Football (S3) Tia, Yuki, Callie Mystic
2016 Harvey Beaks Wade
2016 Julius Jr. Sheree, Nova
2016 Rufus Teacher
2016 Teletubbies (Blue House) Po, narrator
2016 The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Big Air Dare Handy
2016 The Loud House Giggles
2016 The Secret Life of Pets Cloe


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